Create Tenants

PlusAuth is structured as a multi-tenant solution. Each tenant has its own isolated space. To interact with PlusAuth you must create a tenant.

Register to PlusAuth

If you don't have an account registered to PlusAuth start with signin up. PlusAuth doesn't require a credit-card or any payment for registration. You can register by providing your own credentials (email and password) or with social providers.

Creating Tenant

On the initial screen after you have created your account you will be prompted to create a

. You can create multiple tenants for different purposes or different set of organizations/applications.

Your tenant name will be a subdomain of PlusAuth unless you create a

custom domain
. For example:

This hostname will be used to access to PlusAuth APIs and end-user facing endpoints such as Login, Register etc.


Tenant names cannot be changed after creation.

Tenant name must follow these rules:

  • Tenant name must be unique.
  • Tenant name can contain only lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens (-).
  • Tenant name must be between 3 and 48 characters length.

After creating a tenant you can also create new tenants from the tenant menu in the upper right corner of dashboard or by navigating to Create Tenant page.