Rest API Errors Reference

PlusAuth uses HTTP response status codes to indicate whether a specific request has been successfully completed. Response Content-Type will be application/json, which means it will be in json format. You can find error name, status code and a description (if there is one) in the response json.

Status codes in 2xx range will indicate success on the other hand codes in range 4xx-5xx will indicate error.

5xx errors are extremely rare and those are happened at PlusAuth servers. Our team will be notified immediately in such cases and the error will be resolved in the soonest time.

PlusAuth errors structure is as following:

  "error": "<ERROR_NAME>",
  "error_description": "<ADDITIONAL_DESCRIPTION>",
  "status": "<STATUS_CODE>"
PlusAuth Error Responses
400 invalid_request The request was unacceptable, probably because of wrong parameter.
400 unsupported_view_template Unsupported view template provided.
402 plan_limit_exceeded You exceeded the limit of your subscription plan for provided operation. Consider upgrading your plan.
401 invalid_audience Incorrect audience is used in access token.
401 invalid_issuer Access token is meant to be used for another tenant.
401 invalid_authorization_scheme Wrong authorization scheme is used. It must be 'Bearer'.
401 missing_scope Required scope (permission) is missing in token.
401 missing_token Authorization token is not provided.
401 unauthorized_user User is not authorized for the action/tenant.
404 entity_not_found Requested resource doesn't exist.
409 already_exists Provided resource already exists.
422 invalid_entity The request was unacceptable, probably because of an incorrect or missing parameter.
429 too_many_requests Too many requests received. For more details have a look at to Rate Limits
5xx server_error Something is wrong at PlusAuth. These errors are extremely rare and will be resolved in the soonest time.